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Get local Landline numbers, redirected to your mobile, with voicemail & call recording for £2.99 £1.00 a month
+ 7p per minute inbound calls

Instant Automated Setup • No Contracts • No Hidden Charges • Cancel Anytime

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a local landline number hosted on our datacentre switchboard.

You rent a local number and we divert it to your mobile phone, home phone or office phone. You can record the calls, play intro messages, redirect to multiple mobiles and rent, pause or delete numbers on the fly.

Record calls and listen to them on your dashboard, sort calls by date or number and indentify sales leads.

We have over 50,000 local numbers from all over the UK available, covering every area code.

There are no hidden costs, landline rental charges, contracts or minimum usage requirements.

Call Features

Divert to Mobile

Divert incoming calls to mobile

Call Recording

Record calls and listen to them on your dashboard

Call Recording Storage

All call recordings are stored on our servers for 24 months before being deleted.

Call Recording Playback

Listen to call recordings straight from your dashboard

Introduction Message

Play a voice message at the beginning of calls

Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Play introduction messages using Amazons new neural synthesis voices

Block International Calls

Block calls from outside of the UK

Show Caller ID

Show incoming number or show the Virtual Number

" Case Study "

We use virtual numbers to track our marketing campaigns, everytime we advertise in a new place we use a new virtual number. At the end of the month we can see how many calls came from each advert and what is worth spending money on and what is a waste of time.

Paul Rothesay - CEO
Blackfire Digital
" Case Study "

I use the service with my business partner so we can have a single number for customers to call and divert it to either mine or my partners mobile phone depending on whos working that day.

Katrina McKenzie - Founder
Small World Soaps

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask on our live chat!

No these are not traditional landline numbers as they are not hosted on a landline, they are hosted in our datacentre on a switchboard.

It will take you less than 2 minutes to setup a working virtual number.
  1. Create a Phonify account.
  2. Add credit to your account using PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.
  3. Click "Order a new number" and follow the setup wizard
  4. Call your new virtual number to make sure it's working properly
  5. All done!

No, you will not own the virtual number, you will effectively be renting the number from us.

The number will be exclusively yours until you stop renting it and then the number is released back into general circulation, at which point another customer may rent it.

No, you can only divert to a local uk based mobile or landline number.

At the moment we do not support porting numbers into our switchboard, but we are working on it!

We do not offer a money back guarantee on services used.

However if you have been unable to use the service to receive calls due to a technical issue on our servers we will refund you the lost credit to your account.

No we do not support premium numbers or free 0800 numbers at this time.

No you cannot upload your own voice recordings however for all voice messages we use Amazons neural text-to-speech synthesis program, it is a very advanced and realistic voice synthesis based on the Amazon Alexa technology.

You can simply type the message you want to play at the beginning of the call and our text-to-speech service will create it for you.

The answer is yes it is legal to record a call without obtaining the callers permission or informing them under certain circumstances, to read more about it check the Telecommunications Regulations 2000.

You will run into problems if you intend to use the recordings in court or plan on providing them to a third party company or profiting from them in any way.

You can also play an introduction message informing customers you are recording calls for quality and training purposes.

It's important that you keep enough credit on your account balance to cover the renewals of your virtual numbers, if your virtual number is due for renewal and we can not take it from your credit balance your virtual number will automatically be released back to the number pool and another customer may rent it.

If this happens we will not be able to return the number to you.

If you enable voicemail service on your number it will automatically kick in at the end of your call, if your mobile phone also has a voicemail service, it will still activate and your customer will be asked to leave a voicemail message twice.

Ensure your mobile or landline voicemail service is disabled before you activate Phonify's voicemail service.

Notice: Voicemail is currently not available for new customers while we rebuild our voicemail infrastructure.
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